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Unexpected Autumn Wine Pairings at Rio Vista Wines

Golden leaves, crisp air, comfy sweaters and all things pumpkin spice—autumn is such a special time of year. However, as the warm days of summer fade and the evenings cool and lengthen, it can be tricky to figure out what wine we should be drinking and when. Insider tip: You don’t have to jump into full-bodied reds just yet! We’ve got you covered as we highlight our best unexpected fall wines to help ease the transition into the fall season.

2019 Estate Wild Rose Rosé

We know it sounds crazy. Rosé? In the fall? But, this 60% Barbera & 40% Tempranillo blend is the perfect wine for the changing seasons. Combining the fruitiness of a white and the structure of a red, this rosé beautifully complements the heartier fare of autumn and winter. This wine can do it all! Use as an aperitif with bacon-wrapped asparagus, pair with bolder main courses like balsamic-glazed chicken or heavily-peppered mashed potatoes, or perhaps sip with dessert of cherry cheesecake or chocolate mousse. Better grab several bottles!

2019 Estate Chardonnay

This bright and lively wine appeals to oaked and naked Chardonnay fans because it’s aged in both stainless steel and oak. Instead of catering to one type of Chardonnay lover, you get one white for the whole table! With aromas of wet stone, followed by juicy notes of ripe Bartlett pear, this wine was practically made for crisp fall days. It pairs well with dishes like salmon or roasted butternut squash. Enjoying a glass or two will help you realize that not everything has to be pumpkin flavored to get you in the fall spirit.

2015 Estate Smoky Owl Port 

The Rio Vista Port is a dazzlingly rich, robust, and sweet Cab-Merlot Blend and wonderful for your autumn activities. If you have plans to stay in and snuggle by the fire, this port pairs perfectly with lightly salted popcorn or as a great slow sipper with cheese and chocolate for movie night. This Port is a great companion to your Saturday fall tailgate, particularly in the fourth quarter if your team is behind. A friendly reminder that our Port is best served chilled in 3 ounce portions in dessert wine or official Port wine glasses and can be stored open in the fridge for up to a month…our guess is you’ll enjoy it too much for it to last that long!

2018 Pinot Noir

Nothing says “welcome to fall” quite like a glass of our Pinot Noir. For an unexpected twist, serve this wine slightly chilled and notice how the flavors change as the wine warms up. You’ll catch aromas of chocolate-coated maraschino cherries, dark cocoa, and vanilla notes conjured from the extended wood aging process. This wine can stand up to bolder foods like roasted chicken and vegetables but also complement lighter fare like Portobello mushroom pasta. With Pinot Noir and fall cuisine, you are only limited by your imagination.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to mix it up and match some unique flavors this fall. We’re open and ready to help you select your next fall sip!

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