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The Face Behind the Label: Kerry Siderius

Award-winning wines and stunning tasting rooms are usually what people think of when Rio Vista Wines come to mind. But a less commonly discussed trait that Rio Vista Wines boasts is their remarkable labels. Crafted specifically by Kerry Siderius, when you purchase a bottle of wine from Rio Vista you are taking home a meticulously designed piece of art.

Who is Kerry Siderius

Kerry Siderius is an artist who grew up among the hills and valleys of North Central Washington. Her childhood was filled with horseback riding, camping, and fishing the rivers. One evening as a small child, Kerry found herself with a chalkboard in hand at her grandparents’ house. She sketched with simple chalk a picture that was the envy of the night! Call it raw talent or the power of suggestion, but with the praise came a belief; Kerry was an artist. From that moment on she knew she was capable of creating and so she did just that. She studied art and art studied her for years, it was the beginning of a lifelong romance with canvases.

Why Work with Rio

Kerry is the daughter of Rio Vista Winemakers Jan and John Little. When her parents decided that winemaking was their story to be told, it wasn’t long before a decision to have Kerry curate the labels was made. Within every label, Kerry showcases the authentic beauty and natural wonder of the valley. Her subjects entail the four vibrant seasons of the area’s fruit trees, mountainscapes, townscapes, vineyard views, orchards, wineries and magnificent rivers of the area. She paints scenes from Chelan to Leavenworth from the Methow Valley to the Columbia Basin and everything in between. Each brush of color on canvas is a memory displayed. It’s a story written in shades and hues and its narrative goes home with you every time you purchase a bottle.

For the Love of the Valley

Being inspired by the region, Kerry paints what she knows so beautifully. Her spectacular talent and passion comes to life with each brush stroke. You see the evidence displayed of what grapes, apples, water, and hills mean to her. She is a poet who does not work with words but rather oils and watercolors. She brilliantly displays the Lake Chelan Valley and beyond.

The next time you find yourself out and about tasting at Rio Vista, remember that so much intention is tethered to that bottle in your hand. From the vino inside to the artwork outside, you’re going home with nothing less than a keepsake…until you drink it, of course!