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Thanksgiving Pairings

A honey-glazed turkey in the oven, spiced cider on the stove, your table so filled with food you’re not sure where your plates will go…there’s nothing quite like the sights and smells of Thanksgiving! Whether we’ve been a part of your Thanksgiving festivities since the beginning or you’re a brand-new addition to the family, we invite you to make Rio Vista Wines a guest at your table this year.

Thanksgiving and wine were made for each other! Please enjoy these thoughtfully-prepared pairings for the big day.

While You’re Cooking

Sunset on the River

What a better way to get in the holiday spirit in the kitchen than with a decadent sipper like our Sunset on the River. Because of the extended skin contact in production, the structure of this pale pink stunner can hold its own in a kitchen filled with other smells. It also pairs well with a wide variety of foods, so your tastebuds will delight in each sip as you sample your works in progress throughout the day.


Bacon-wrapped dates with Chardonnay

Bacon-wrapped dates, the ultimate comfort food; Chardonnay, the ultimate comfort wine. Pair the two together, and you have the culinary equivalent of a warm hug. Our Chard is aged in stainless steel and flirts briefly with French oak, giving it just enough mid-palate creaminess to please the seasoned Chardonnay drinker, while maintaining enough acidity to go toe-to-toe with a bold flavor like bacon.

Main Course

Prime rib with Syrah

With savory aromas of crushed peppercorn, fresh thyme, smoked meat and cocoa, our Syrah lends itself to heavily-spiced meat like your dad’s famous prime rib. Alternate small sips between bites, and you’ll find your senses wholly immersed in a savory, rich heaven-on-earth.


Pumpkin pie with River View Red

If you’ve never paired your dessert with a red wine, you’re in for a treat. The balanced acidity and smooth tannins of our River View Red pair perfectly with pumpkin pie spices and a dollop of whipped cream. The hint of Luxardo cherry and developed plum in this decadent red blend complement the fruity notes in the pie, providing the perfect last bite of your holiday meal.

Late-Night Turkey Sandwiches


It’s 9pm and you can feel the tiniest space open up in your stomach….hooray! Time for a turkey slider. Grab a leftover roll, a slab of dark meat and a swath of mayo and Dijon, and snatch that wine glass from the drying rack. We could say more about this pairing, but you’re just going to have to experience this fourth meal bliss for yourself.

If this line up doesn’t already have your mouth watering, we encourage you to swing by one of our tasting rooms for a flight. If you come with your Thanksgiving menu in mind, our helpful associates can assist you in selecting the perfect wines for your meal. We hope you’ll join us in making Rio Vista Wines a part of your holiday traditions!