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Rio Vista Wines Spotlight: Wild Rose Rosé

Here at Rio Vista Wines, we celebrate the craft of winemaking. Everything that comes from our bottles and spills into your glass is methodically curated and nothing less than spectacular. One of our favorite bottles of vino to craft is Wild Rose Rosé.

What is Rosé

A rosé is a waltz of art and science. Not quite white, not quite red, it’s a beautiful dance between the two. The pretty pink pigment comes when grape skins and stems rest in the grape juices for a limited amount of time. This imparts unique flavors only found in this style of wine. While some reds may ferment for weeks at a time with their grape skins, rosé remains in contact for only a short time before the tannins (found within the seeds, stems, and skins of red grapes) are removed from the juices. 

What’s in Our Blend

Rio Vista blends together Malbec, Tempranillo, and Barbera to create this bottle of art! Our Wild Rose Rosé is a signature blend with colorful orange undertones. Delicate aromas of sweet cherry and wild berries start the parade while mouth-watering flavors develop in the glass. This rosé has extended skin contact giving each bottle a rich depth of character and color. Make Wild Rose Rosé your getaway glass! This crisp vino pairs effortlessly with spicy food, vacations, and floaties. With a color that bounces between tones of cranberry and orange, your glass will be photo ready!

Pairs Nicely With

Wild Rose Rosé delights both the eyes and the lips. Having characteristics of both red and white wines allows for quite a few pairings, some of which are especially fun! With rosé being on the lighter side of wine, it pairs perfectly with light dinners like salmon and veggies. Couple your glass with seafood, spicy cuisine, or even a lighter veggie pasta and your taste buds will be thrilled! Rosé gets us in a summer state of mind. It’s best served chilled, and is so refreshing on a day with lots of sun. 

Visit our tasting rooms today to grab a cold bottle of Wild Rose Rosé. This remarkable summer treat is almost sold out! Visit us and grab a bottle before it’s gone.