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Rio Vista Wines Chocolate Pairings

Rio Vista Wine + Chocolate Pairings
Wine and chocolate are two of life’s greatest indulgences. These two together are great for the holidays, they have a certain romantic vibe and they’re good for you, thanks to all those antioxidants. With February bringing all the romance of Valentine’s Day that lasts throughout the month, now is the time to try our favorite chocolate and Rio Vista Wine pairings to sweeten up this season of love.

2019 Estate Chardonnay + White Chocolate

This bright and lively wine is a lovely pair for white chocolate or a chocolate-covered fruit like a chocolate orange or chocolate-covered cherries. The crisp flavors of lemon and ripe Bartlett pear in the wine let chocolate-covered fruit shine—and fruit with fruit is kind of a no-brainer! The mid-palate creaminess of this varietal is also lifted and enhanced by the smooth and buttery aromas of white chocolate, leading to a memorable palate experience.

2018 Estate Merlot + Milk Chocolate

A beautifully balanced fruity red makes the perfect companion to milk chocolate. Since milk chocolate is usually sweeter and creamier with flavors of brown sugar, vanilla and cream, it requires a wine with a ripe fruit character. We can’t think of a better match than our Estate Merlot. With aromas of blueberry and red raspberry and flavors of cherry and plum, this wine was made for milk chocolate. Can we recommend a handful of Hershey’s kisses and a big glass of Estate Merlot for your evening dessert?

2018 Pinot Noir + Chocolate with Nuts

Our Pinot lends itself as a lovely partner of chocolate and nuts due to the aromas of chocolate-coated maraschino cherries, dark cocoa, and vanilla notes conjured from the extended wood aging process. The ripe red fruit and silky tannins of this medium-body Pinot Noir combined with smooth chocolate and nutty flavors make this a match made in heaven. The saltiness of the nuts brings out the rich flavors of the Pinot so think chocolate hazelnut spread, mixed nut clusters, or even a Snickers bar!

2018 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon + Dark Chocolate

Chocolate and cabernet is such a beautiful combo when it’s done right. Dark chocolate made of 50-100% cacao has intense, bitter flavors and earthy to fruity undertones. This type of chocolate needs its intensity matched with a full-bodied, yet fruit-forward wine. Our Estate Cabernet Sauvignon is a lovely complement to a bold dark chocolate. Opening with aromas of ripe dark fruit and all-spice and intense flavors of huckleberry, elderberry and plum on the palate, this wine ends with a long, satisfying finish.

We look forward to helping you pair Rio Vista Wines with your favorite chocolate during this season of love. Check out our online store, or stop by Rio Vista at the River or the Cabin to shop in person.

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