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Rio Vista Thanksgiving Pairings

As wine enthusiasts, we know that one of the essential parts of the Thanksgiving feast is choosing the wine. With so many different flavors on the menu, selecting wines that pair well with all of the classic dishes can get a little overwhelming. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered with a little guidance on our best tried-and-true Rio Vista Wines to set you up for success.


Our Tempranillo is unique—so different in flavor and structure from our other reds. Sipping on a glass of our Tempranillo is a wild ride of texture shooting in all directions. Additionally the notes of fig, brown baking spice, vanilla and cedar make it a beautiful pairing for a variety of Thanksgiving dishes. Think pumpkin pie, sweet potatoes, or even prime rib if you’re wanting to break the Thanksgiving day norm. No matter what delectable dishes adorn your table, a glass of this Tempranillo is sure to have everyone giving thanks!


The bright fruit notes in this delectable Viognier pairs perfectly with roasted turkey, both dark meat and white. The viscosity of this brilliant straw-colored wine allows it to stand out with heavier dishes as well. Specifically, carb-heavy buttery sides like mashed potatoes, candied yams, and sage-laced stuffing will pair nicely with this wine. The flavor profile of ripe peach and toasted marshmallow make this wine a lovely compliment to a warm slice of pumpkin pie topped with whipped cream.

Sunset on the River

This wine is a perfect post-dinner sipper as the food settles, or perhaps to enjoy with the 4th meal turkey sliders paired with a hefty helping of cranberry sauce. The delicious and original aromas of apricot, clementine and crushed cranberry make this wine a homerun on Thanksgiving Day. Not to mention, its beautiful rich depth of character and color adds a little something to your table décor. But who are we kidding? Sunset on the River is delicious every day of the year!

Loony Red

The pressure can rise while trying to pick wines to please everyone from your millennial cousins to sweet, wise grandma. Our signature red blend is a safe bet for pairing with such an important meal and we’ve found so many different palates adore Loony Red. This luscious wine stands up boldly to robust dishes like heavily peppered mashed potatoes, rich gravies, and bacon Brussel sprouts. Its rich flavors of dark fruit, baked cherries, and dusty chocolate just scream coziness and holidays. Grab a couple bottles of this palate pleaser and rest easy that it will be enjoyed by all.

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