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Rio Vista Thanksgiving Pairings 2021

Wine makes everything better, including Thanksgiving dinner! We’ve paired a few of our favorite selections of wine with holiday favorites so that you can serve the perfect combinations at dinner. Your guests will leave full, happy, and with a bottle of their new favorite wine!

Sauvignon Blanc

White meats typically pair best with white wines. This Sauvignon Blanc, however, has a lot more to offer to your perfectly cooked Turkey or Ham than just the fact that it is a white varietal. The deeply layered, exquisitely balanced classic grape variety is heavily weighted on the palate while retaining bright acidity. The acidity and whispers of minerality pair perfectly with the herbs or sweet hints of honey found in your main dish.

Pinot Noir

For those that prefer red wine, our Pinot Noir is a wonderful alternative to the classic white typically served with your main dish of Turkey or Ham. Fine-grained tannins balance the zesty acids of this red and support bright red fruits, earth, and haunting suggestions of Mediterranean herbs.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Nothing screams comfort food like the richness of gravy slathered over whipped potatoes, which is what makes it perfect for this wine! On the palate, notes of sage mingle with plum and add to the richness of everybody’s favorite side dish; mashed potatoes and gravy. No one grape variety grows better in Rio Vista’s glacial soils than that of the Cabernet Sauvignon!

Wacky White

Sweet hints of apple, butter croissant creaminess, and pineapple upside-down cake make Wacky White the perfect blend for any dessert! Described as luscious and vibrant, this smooth white blend is classically unforgettable, especially with a piece of pumpkin pie!

Make sure you bring a few extra bottles of Rio Vista Wine to Thanksgiving dinner this year. These food and wine combos are sure to be a hit, and those bottles will quickly start disappearing! Happy Thanksgiving.

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