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How to Protect Your Rio Vista Wine in the Summer Heat

Summer is officially here and the heat can prove it. Our favorite times on the river are those long, saturated July days where the air is warm and the doors hang open. These days (paired with our favorite, friendly faces and a bottle of something refreshing) amount to the perfect collection of summer moments. Don’t let us fool you, we know about the downsides to the sun’s lovin’. Most of us can survive the heat with those little battery-powered fans and a dip in the water – but what about that bottle of something refreshing we mentioned? Most of us wine-lovers are riddled by this infamous summer problem, and we won’t sacrifice the much needed Vitamin-D for chilled beverages any longer! Don’t let the summer heat hold you back from enjoying your favorite bottle of wine during your beach day, a tan by the pool or the family barbeque – there are ways to protect all that grapey goodness from this July warmth.

An easy one – the fridge! 

Yep – even your reds can take a chill in the refrigerator for a more enjoyable sip. Hear us out – red wines are most commonly sipped at room temperature, about 64℉-70℉. If you live in eastern Washington like us, this is NOT the temperature of our homes in July, let alone outside in the backyard. Stick your favorite Rio red in the fridge for a quick 15-30 minute cool-down, depending on the type of wine. 

Ice bucket – duh!

Are you even an avid wine-o if you don’t have an ice bucket? Well, if you don’t, you best be swinging by the store or ordering one from your couch – they are a MUST for summertime sipping. If you want to get really fancy, add salt to the ice for an even chillier bath for your wine of choice. Salt water has a lower freezing temperature, allowing the ice to last longer in the sunshine. You’re welcome!

Frozen cubes

No, we’re not talking about your conventional ice cubes. Reusable, silicone ice cubes can be filled with water, frozen and used in drinks without melting into the drink! Even more fun? Freeze large pieces of fruit to put into your summer day drink – like grapes, blueberries or cherries. These frozen bites will chill your wine, and can be eaten when thawed for a booze-soaked treat. We recommend trying this with our Wild Rose Rosé or Sunset on the River.

Pour spouts

Did you know COOLING pour spouts exist? Well they do, and they’re cooler than the rest – literally. The most cutting-edge wine drinkers use them for all their warm-weather celebrations. You just insert the cooling spout into the opening of your warm bottle of wine and the system chills your pour instantly as it passes through. Don’t ask us how it works, it just does. We know, 2020 is wild. 

Cooling sleeves

Are you looking for another excuse to keep that whole bottle of Loony Red to yourself? Look no further, Rio Vista Wines is telling you to slap a cooling sleeve on that bad boy and claim it as yours. Cooling sleeves are made of heat-resistant material that acts as a jacket around your favorite summer sip. Cooling sleeves work even more efficiently if your bottle of red or white is previously cooled in the fridge for a few minutes! 

Don’t you dare shelve your Merlot or Pinot for those cool fall days – we hope our wine-chilling tips will allow your front-lawn hangouts, lake days and evening patio sessions to be filled with refreshing fun AND wine.

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