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Happy Holidays from Rio Vista Wines

The New Year is almost here! While 2021 was full of ups and downs, one constant for Rio Vista is always excellent wine. From our vibrant whites, luscious reds, and crisp rose, 2021’s roster had it all. Here is a list of our favorite wines from the past year and a few holiday pairings to fill you with cheer!


This versatile and rounded red is the perfect match for most holiday foods. It’s dark spice, red plum and leather nose combined with cherry pie, brown baking spice, and blood orange to create an unbeatable blend. This mixture of intrigue and complexity makes the Barbera perfect for a Rosemary-Pepper Beef Rib Roast served hot on Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day.

Pinot Noir

Our locally-sourced Pinot Noir grapes are grown along the banks of the Columbia River at both Rio Vista and Antoine Creek Vineyards. This varietal would be best paired with a Smokey Glazed Ham. The fully dry yet still acidic blend of maraschino cherries and vanilla add a refreshing contrast to the saltiness of the meat. Slice up the whole Ham and a heavy pour of wine, as this combo is almost too good to be true.

Cabernet Sauvignon

No one grape variety grows better in Rio Vista’s glacial soils than that of the Cabernet Sauvignon. Naturally, Cab Sav pairs well with red meats, including Prime Rib. However, this specific varietal with lingering notes of plum, sage, and molasses is specifically equipped to enhance this classic holiday meat.

Sauvignon Blanc

Rio Vista’s Sauvignon Blanc is a deeply-layered, exquisitely balanced example of this grape. Pair this wine with any greens, including brussels sprouts, green beans, asparagus or broccoli. The acidity and hints of minerality allow this wine to pair with raw or cooked vegetables and enhance each vegetable’s natural flavor. Aromas of green apple, honeydew, Kaffir lime and papaya will keep you coming back, glass after glass.

Wild Rose Rosė

This rosė is the wine that will pair perfectly with whatever ends up on your table. Wild Rose Rosė offers an all-encompassing, seductive nose of sweet cherry and wild berries. Specific notes of strawberry, baked rhubarb and caramelized blood orange beautifully entangle the senses while subtle, underlying flavors of pomegranate, black cherry, and rhubarb flirt with the palate. Pair this wine with salmon, duck, cheese plates or veggie skewers.

Regardless of your taste in wine, 2021 had something for everyone! Stop by Rio Vista on the River or join us at our second tasting room in Manson to find your favorite wine of 2021. Happy Holidays!

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