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Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Why Joining Rio Vista’s Wine Club is the Best Thing You’ll Do This Year Are you tired of aimlessly wandering through the wine aisle, trying to choose a bottle that won’t break the bank and also won’t leave you with a headache the next morning? Look no further, my friend. Joining Rio Vista’s wine club is the best decision you’ll make this year – trust us, we’re practically sommeliers. Get… Keep Reading »Are Wine Clubs Worth It?

Rio Vista Wines Spotlight: Wild Rose Rosé

Here at Rio Vista Wines, we celebrate the craft of winemaking. Everything that comes from our bottles and spills into your glass is methodically curated and nothing less than spectacular. One of our favorite bottles of vino to craft is Wild Rose Rosé. What is Rosé A rosé is a waltz of art and science. Not quite white, not quite red, it’s a beautiful dance between the two. The pretty… Keep Reading »Rio Vista Wines Spotlight: Wild Rose Rosé

The Face Behind the Label: Kerry Siderius

Award-winning wines and stunning tasting rooms are usually what people think of when Rio Vista Wines come to mind. But a less commonly discussed trait that Rio Vista Wines boasts is their remarkable labels. Crafted specifically by Kerry Siderius, when you purchase a bottle of wine from Rio Vista you are taking home a meticulously designed piece of art. Who is Kerry Siderius Kerry Siderius is an artist who grew… Keep Reading »The Face Behind the Label: Kerry Siderius