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5 Reasons to Become A Wine Club Member

Rio Vista Wines is known for their award-winning wines and stunning tasting rooms. From rosé and crisp whites to bold reds, there is something for every wine lover out there. Being one of the first established wineries in the area, Rio Vista Wines boasts a well-established wine club with perks that impress.

Great Savings

When you receive your wine through our wine club, you’re getting each bottle at a discounted rate. We want you to enjoy the wine that you love so much by adding it to your collection regularly. We think the best way to do this is by lessening the cost so you can always have a bottle on hand to share with your friends and drink the evening away. We want you to always have access to our wine at a great price so everyone in your life can enjoy Rio Vista.


Once you get involved, a membership to our wine club requires a minimal amount of your time. After you select your perfect club, you sit back, and the allocations roll in until you decide to stop them. All that is needed on your end is a signature for your delivery and the wines are yours to enjoy! No waiting in line, drives from the west side, and no hauling cases around. You can also purchase wines at a club member’s price outside of scheduled shipment times. All you need to do is order from our website and the wine will be delivered.

Discover New Favorites

Most wineries have been started by people who have passion and enthusiasm for wine and the viticulture industry. These experts know the best wines and vineyards, what makes a bottle great, and the latest trends for their members. Each winery has a tasting team that samples what they believe will be best for you and only selects the best for your home cellar. Our three clubs are different from one another, but they all will boast the greatest selection of reds and whites. You can expand your palate by experiencing these wines that otherwise you might not have tasted.


Our club options give you the ability to tailor your shipment to your unique vino needs. Choose from 4, 6 or 12 bottles per shipment, and either red, white or a mix of everything. Swing by either location to pick up your shipment or have it shipped straight to your doorstep!

Member Perks

Not only will you always be stocked with our excellent wine, but you’ll get access to member-only events too. Throughout the year we design experiences and parties for our members that keep everyone entertained and coming back for more. On top of the discounts and shipments, you’ll have many reasons to come join us for a visit. You’re part of the family now.

Being a wine club member with us means getting plugged in to all we’re doing. But it also allows you to be involved in a constantly expanding wine region. At Rio Vista Wines, we want to make your wine experience last. Our wine club is the best way to ensure that good times (and wine) will never run out!